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Brenda Bufalino
Tapping the Source
Tap Dance Stories,
Theory and Practice

Tapping the Source cover

ISBN 1-930337-15-9 (paper)
2004. 238 pages
. $24.95



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"My work grows out of nature, like a leaf from the tree, like lichen on a stone."
  —Brenda Bufalino


In Tapping the Source, Brenda Bufalino explores the recent history of tap dance and shares stories about her early training and professional career experiences, as well as the wisdom gleaned from her mentor, partner and collaborator, the late Charles "Honi" Coles.

As a master teacher and biographical performer known for her fluid musicality and extensive vocabulary, Ms. Bufalino's stories, techniques and philosophy will inspire and encourage everyone to find the timber and rhythm of their voice, whether in tap shoes or hiking boots, on the piano or the typewriter, on a mountain trail or on the floor boards.


"Brenda Bufalino is a dancer of extraordinary subtlety."
  —Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

"Like Nijinsky's Rite of Spring, which plunged dance into its modern form, Bufalino's global vision elevates and expands tap dancing into a concertized art."
  —Constance Vallis Hill, Attitude Magazine

"Brenda Bufalino is a terpsichorean marvel...we are transported into a sublime musical environment that is completely mesmerizing."
  —Jo Sagolla, Back Stage