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New for 2014!

The Glory and other Stories cover
Rosanne Weston
The Glory and other Stories


Rain, Sky, Wind, Port cover
Kim Namjo
Rain, Sky, Wind, Port


Proof cover
Karina Borowicz


Titles from 2013!

A Slant of Light cover
editors L. Carr + J. Z. Schmidt
A Slant of Light


Trine Erotic cover
Alice Andrews
Trine Erotic


Selected Poems cover
Celestine Frost
Selected Poems


Titles from 2012

Letters and Found Poems of Edisa and Chloe cover
David Appelbaum
Letters and Found Poems
of Edisa and Chloe


Rumiís Holistic Humanism cover
Mirza Iqbal Ashraf
Rumiís Holistic Humanism


Scout's Honor cover
Charley Rosen
Scoutís Honor


Man in the Cosmos cover
Christian Wertenbaker
Man in the Cosmos


Titles from 2011

The Floodplain cover
Anthony Robinson
The Floodplain


Song of Myself cover
Frederick Bauman
Song of Myself


Pancake Hollow Primer cover
Laurence Carr
Pancake Hollow Primer


A Promise Kept cover
Joseph Giannola
A Promise Kept


Martin Benson Speaks cover
Carl Lehmann-Haupt
Martin Benson Speaks


In Search Of cover
Edited by Haifa Mahabir
In Search Of


Voices of Women Singing cover
H.R. Stoneback
Voices of Women Singing


There is no more important function of a writer in our time than to call us to awaken. The state of siege under which human consciousness--human conscience--lives has not abated since Blake wrote, "Truth can never be told so as to be understood and not be believed." Codhill Press is devoted exclusively to the advancement and appreciation of the finest works in poetry and prose which promise to search out important meanings for our lives.

The winner has been announced for the 2013 Codhill Press Poetry Award. Please visit our 2014 Award page for submission guidelines for this year's contest.


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